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Dear New Home Owner,

I wrote the construction loa inside secrets ebook for families that are plannng to build a new home or a major remodel. Once you read this simple ebook you will know exactly how to obtain the best loan for your project! 

– Rick Gomez, Construction loan expert.

Here's why we're excited to give you this construction loan inside secrets ebook absolutely free! Because most loan officers are not that experienced at construction loans so were here to help answer all the questions...

The most important thing in obtaining the best of anything is usually achieved by working with a very experienced expert in the field...

You can build a new home!

Building a new home ground up or a complete tear down is the most common construction loan requested but not all are created equel. The best construction loans use finished value based on the blueprints.

Complete a major remodel!

Major remodels are construction loans that go above and beyond simple home upgrades. The major remodel is usually adding squre footage to the home or adding a second floor etc. In either case is vital the project is based on the value as if it were a finished project.

Also, obtain a land loan!

The best way to buy land is usually via owner financeing because you dont have to obtain a loan from a bank and it buys you time to obtain blueprints, a cost breakdown and a builder. But if you do need a land loan we offer them.

Here's why my clients love California Construction Loans.

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"Rick knows more about construction loan than anyone I know. He really loves what he does and most importantly cares about his customers!

Rob M. San Diego, CA

"I had a construction loan with a bank that was taking way too long to close and when I switched to California Construction Loan I closed very fast.

Tom L. Los Angeles, CA  

Construction Loan "Inside Secrets! 

  • Learn why most loan officers know very little about construction loans.
  • Learn the difference between good construction loans and bad ones.
  • Why only working with experts in any field applies with the loan industry as well.
  • Some of the biggest banks with the best rates are not always the best loans. More important are the lenders guidelines to insure a loan closing.
  • 5 things that are very important to the better construction loans.
  • Last but not least which lenders close in a timely fashion and why others can not.

construction loan ebook

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construction loan ebook

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